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Recently after lazy days bought this company from RV America and since then myself and other employees were fired for no reason at all. This is a horrible company and I just want to get the word out to anyone and everyone... Please do not do business with this company. This women Working there by the name of Jeannette in the rentals department is particular rude, very unprofessional, does not bring any light or help to any situation and should... Read more

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One week ago I purchased a 25k used 5th wheel from LE. The"scheduled" wail through revealed that the holding tanks were full, and the battery was nearly dead. In addition the power went out twice. I wastold that the park power source was loose, and not to worry. I wad also told that the tanks weren't drained in case I might have a road emergency and needed water. Really? While waiting for final delivery, I was told that they had replaced the... Read more

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Received a defective product from Lazaydays RV. Called customer service, said they would send me a return label that day. Upon return of the product they would send me a replacement Nothing for a week. Called back and they told me that I would have to deal with the manufacture and I need to call them. I stated that I did not purchase the product direct from the manufacture and that they should be the one dealing with them not me. Since... Read more

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I am impressed by this company. I purchased a Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel from them. I traded in my old trailer and they did allow a bit of negotiation. I was very happy with the purchase. They made a couple of errors, but there was no issue on their part to correct them. The biggest was I wanted to keep my old plates (Home 4 2) and they got new plates for it. I told them and, after some juggling they were able to correct the issue. Never... Read more

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After working at Lazydays as a manager, it is clear that Lazydays is buying dealerships to basically get market share while making customers suffer. It's a 4 month wait to get into service (they will lie all day about this fact) if you buy an rv and have any service issue. they rape you on interest rates when you buy and then they treat you like garbage after the sale. If I were a buyer, I'd get the best possible price from Lazydays (which... Read more

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LAZY DAYS SAGA Day 19 of our trials and tribulations with Lazy Days of Seffner, Florida and STILL NO MOTOR HOME!!!!!!!!!!! I called and spoke with Judy and Angela (in Customer Service) yesterday regarding our coach. I was asked by them what would it take to make us happy. My response was GIVE US OUR COACH that we have paid for. I also told them that, since the coach that they loaned us to take our mini vacation rented for $375.00 per night,... Read more

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This is the most pathetic buying and service experience I have ever had. I wouldn't shop here ever again and as soon as I can, I will be finding a new RV dealer so that I do not have to deal with this terrible organization ever again. Terrible!!

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Chapter Two of Lazy Days RV versus Salmons We had our vacation scheduled to begin Wednesday, August 31st; however our RV was not ready for delivery. The refrigerator needed a part that only Frigidaire could replace. Frigidaire had to replace the part as it was under warranty and Lazy Days had no idea when they would be out. Magically, they managed to have Frigidaire look at the refrigerator on Wednesday and we were advised a new “board” had... Read more

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On June 11, 2016 my husband, daughter and I went to Lazy Days in Seffner, Florida to peruse their inventory of 2016 Forest River Georgetown XL 378TS motor homes. They had one (1) in stock. We left the lot and returned on August 20, 2016 to discuss the purchase of said motor home. Our Sales Rep was Kelly Brantley. My husband and I had read reviews regarding Lazy Days in Seffner, Florida and they were NOT positive review. Kelly stated that... Read more

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I ordered a jack from a company in indiana. After eleven days I called them to ask when id recieve it. They told me to call back the following day. I did and was told that they didnt have any in stock and was unsure when THEY would recieve it to then ship it to me. they then tried to sell me a different jack. I contacted Lazydays and they said they could get me my jack and have it to me in six or seven days so I bought one from them. The cost... Read more

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