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Brought my new 2017 Class C RV to be serviced here. Granted there were a lot of problems with it.

A lot of little stuff a few big stuff. Was told it would take a little over a month to be repaired. Almost five...5...months later (10 days shy of five months) the RV is FINALLY ready to be picked up. I made reservations to leave that day to head to Colorado to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

I had reservations at Thousand Trails in Wildwood to spend the first night after picking up the RV. I rented a car and drove from Orlando to Tampa and arrived around 10:45 a.m. So excited to get the RV back. The plan was to drive it back to Orlando, pack it up, and FINALLY head out to Wildwood, then to Crater Diamond Nation park, and over to Colorado.

I asked for my service rep. Front desk said I already have your papers. Go ahead and sign and I'll have your RV brought to the front. After about 15 minutes the RV was out front.

Couldn't wait to get back into my new RV. As soon as I open the door it looked like someone threw a can of coke on the inside of my door. There were spiders all over inside by the steps. I step up and find more spiders and webs in the bunk area.

I open the oven and OMG it was like a freaking sandstorm had blown through. It was covered in sawdust. The floor was filthy. I open the bathroom door and I about lost it.

It was like arachnophobia was filmed in here. There were spider webs all over the bathroom, into my bath towels. There were suppose to fix the toilet. There were parts of the toilet laying on the ground.

They were supposed to fix the speakers. The speakers were never fixed. I told the tech I used a multi meter...they don't work. He informed me that a multimedia doesn't work on speakers.

I said Forest River told me to use one. He said they were wrong. After going home I Googled and found that HE...the tech was wrong. They were supposed to paint the coach.

There were chips in the paint. The window that was blowing out was supposed to be fixed was never fixed. I said I was leaving today for Colorado. So they taped it with masking tape so the window wouldn't blow out.

First...how safe is that. Second, it looks horrible and so embarrassing driving a brand new 2017 Forest River Mercedes Benz RV with masking tape holding your window shut (see pictures). The service manager comes out and said I don't want you to cancel your reservation you should still be able to make it. This was at 2 pm.

Um HELLO!!!! The coach is filthy! It's infested with spiders and ants. I have to go home clean it (which will take hours not to mention I'm having that *** thing fumigated (days))...pack it.

No way was I gonna make my reservation. Also...heres the thing. When I give someone something, I expect it to be returned to me the same way I gave it to them. NOT INFESTED with SPIDERS!!!

and filthy! And when I bring it to someone to have fixed I expected it to be returned to me the way I brought it and BETTER...FIXED!!!! I deep cleaned that coach before bringing it and dropping it off to LazyDays. It's my baby that I seem never to be able to use.

And guess what??? You know what the service manager said to me? He said..."It's Florida, we have spiders." I refused to take service of it and left it there. I'm now going to be missing another huge trip, the money I'm out of, the time I took cleaning my house, packing my house up, and time driving to Tampa and back, the rental car....goes on and on.

With NO COMPENSATION OFFERED. And they put on there site free soda, coffee, water. The entire time going in and out trying to get people out to look and fix my coach, not one person offered me or my dogs' water, soda, NOTHING! Let's hope they get on the ball this time!

And what really *** me off the most. I packed my entire house up because when I returned from our Christmas trip to see my mom & brother I was getting a Pod to move to Colorado.

All my stuff is in boxes & I have no clue where my coffee maker is. I'm grumpy now wait till I don't have my coffee tomorrow!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazydays Rv Center Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

Preferred solution: Reimbursement for my lost trips and out of pocket expenses. AND! have the coach fumigated!!!.

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That’s a shame, better to buy from a mom and pop dealership. Lazydays is just like camping world, product first, buyers last


No it has not been resolved. Hired an attorney Legendre and Legendre.

I'll keep everyone updated with the progress. A complaint is being put together and a lawsuit filed in the coming weeks.


LazyDays had my Rv ten days shy of 5 months. After adding up all the hours of work they performed..and we all know they are going to bill you for every minute, it came out to be 19.6 hours.

19.6 hours for 5 MONTHS that I've been paying a loan on it.

Over half the stuff wasn't fixed. I can't go into more detail on our conversation because I'm filing a lawsuit but let's just say it went downhill.

If anyone else has any problems with LazyDays, even if it's just a few hundred dollars, don't eat the cost.

Call my attorney. He is awesome and will do everything he can to help you.

I've worked with him for many years now and I can't tell you how much he has helped me. His officed are in Orlando and Kissimmee and he was a prior judge.

The practice is: Legendre & Legendre



I can certainly understand how frustrating it might be to have your RV in service for so long. I believe there were approximately 50 items that needed to be repaired.

It is unfortunate that spiders were in your RV. We did promise you a free detail when you return. Feel free to contact me at 813.246.4999, ext.

4411, if you would like to discuss further. Sincerely, Meagan Watson, Customer Care Manager

to Meagan #1389913

Also, free detail the next time I come in...REALLY!!!! What about this time.

With all the spiders and ants? I kept waking up last night with images of the spiders and webs in my coach. You expected me to take it yesterday!!! You expected me, ten-year-old nephew, my 4-year-old niece, and my mother to sleep in that?

What concerns me is the spiders and insects I don't see. In places, I can't see. Did they legs an egg nest. In mattresses, under the mattresses.

The oven was full of sand/dirt. I have pictures and video. Was anything covering the mattresses, my silverware, towels etc? I have really bad asthma to dust and dirt.

Whats on those mattresses now? All the towels, silverware, and drawers are gonna need to be cleaned. You are NOT to put any poison in that RV. I have children and pets that sleep in that.

I want someone I know to de-infest it...fumigate it.

Just as a reminder.

I brought that coach to you super clean. My lawyer and I have pictures and video of the day that I brought it to you.

to Meagan #1389915

Feel free to call me.You have my number on file.

It starts with 719.

Unfortunate that spider and ants were in my RV and half the stuff wasn't completed??? I just added up the entire of work ours on your receipt.

I just added up all your work hours and I came up with 19.3 hours. So it took 5 months to do 19.3 hours of work?

And! A Lot of the stuff is still not COMPLETED???? Your guy taped my window shut with masking tape for a temp fix.

Why wasn't it fixed in the first place.

The tech came out with the service manager and argued with me that you can't use a multimeter to check speakers.

And then said he checked the wrong speaker.

And if you Google how to check speakers with a multimeter you will come up with a ton of listings.Not to mention I hold the highest amateur radio certification with the FCC..License K0BCJ! Call ME!

to Meagan #1391148

So..I called on Friday. No answer left VM.

Called again on Friday, no answer. Finally around 4:30pm on Friday I received a call from Meagan. She said she had not talked to anyone so she doesn't know the full story and since it's Friday and all the employees are gone for the day and she wouldn't know anything until Monday.

I own my own business and if something of this magnitude happens I would be calling in employees on the weekend. The out of pocket expense for me is going up every day on lost trips which is going to be their expense when this is all done.

Well, it's Monday at 5:10 p.m.

and no call...surprise, surprise! Their name says it all...LAZY!!!!

to dbcj3847_34 #1409794

Our bank will NEVER deal with Tampa again. Between the lies and non repaired repairs they promised to repair it.

We took it to have it repaired. They had a 4 page disclaimer for us to sign. We refused they said sorry see ya. It also had a date to have it there to be service 4 days before we even got there.

On the date and the appt we made and was okayed. So we left and they decided we would go ahead and get the repairs so I called and had a surgeons appt on the next week and when I asked it that was ok. I was told it would be perfect and then sue them.

A few days later They said sorry to late. Offer expired 2 days ago.

to Meagan #1409792

Biggest liar who works there!! We have called your attorney. Thank you

to Anonymous #1479822

Mr. Legendre is awesome.

I highly recommend him! Keep me posted on how it works out for you.

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