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I am 45 and my mom and dad are both 75. LazyDays clearly took advantage of 2 old people. They sold my parents a used RV with 12 items that needed warranty repairs (4 that they knew about and 8 more that I found on day one). Don't let your parents go alone. If I could prove it I would seek legal action against them for taking advantage of two naive old people.

When dad got it home I did a simple walk around and I found 8 things broken - obvious things like a tail light assembly that had no screws in it. The gas gauge did not work. There is a water leak in the bathroom. Lights that do not work. Ripped slide covers. I guess my dad is losing it becasue he did not see these things and shame on him for that but shame on them for even selling him an RV with 12 broken things - not used or worn things - BROKEN.

They told my dad that they entered work orders for four things that they acknowleged needed to be repaired - wrong. When I took it back for the warranty repairs there was no record. The svc advisor told me they would take care of everything. Now my 2nd complaint. I can't tell you if they are fixing the 12 things or not because they have had it for 2 months and it is not fixed yet. I call and email almost everyday and all I get is the run around. Anybody with ideas?

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Bought a tiffin Phaeton from LD.

Good price on my trade, so far good service.

Bought an 2011 coach with low milage on it, a couple of issues all taken care of right away.

Would buy from them again.

Tried that small home town dealer on my 1st coach, keep my coach for weeks, didn't work out for me


Its a little too late Mrs. Bolton.

I would think this would have been addressed when she came in the first time.

LD has a very nasty rep for customer service. I work in the camping industry and all I here is stay the *** away from you guys.


Whatever you do DO NOT BUY ANOTHER THING FROM LAZY DAYS. They are soooo nice to you until they get your money, then it's off to the lazy days at the beach for them, NOT YOU! You are stuck in the service bay FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not surprised......we have had nothing but issues with the two coachs we have purchased.....we had to trade in the first coach because after multiple time they we unable to fix the problems and now we are dealing with mutliple issues with the new coach.....LD sucks ans so does their service department.....


For thousands of LD customers yet to only have two complaints here shows they are clearly a service-oriented company, despite the belly archer above who like to berate his aging parents for their vision loss. Keep up the good work LD! I am on my 3rd Class A..all purchased at your gorgeous Seffner location.

to Way to go LD! #1161609

Another LazyDays employee troll!!!! I call BS!!!!


Judy Bolton is another in a long string of RV sales people that you can't trust.


Blah blah blah. I heard this same song and dance when I had problems with LD repairs that took forever.

The customer service manager always "wants to help" but the way to run a good business is to not let things get to this point. My advice for people shopping for an RV - go to LD and shop but buy somewhere else. Don't fall for the high pressure selling of opulence and dreams that LD sells. Buy from a medium or small dealer who needs every customer to be able to survive.

LD has so *** many people coming and going that they could care less if some of them go away unhappy. I went away unhappy and will never return.


I am the Customer Service Manager at Lazydays and would be glad to assist with any issues you may have. I will need to know your parents name, what type of coach they purchased,and did they purchase the coach "as is"?

Again, I will be glad to assist them with their repairs. Lazydays takes great pride in taking excellent care of their customers.

You can reach me at 1-800-282-7800, ext. 4272 or at

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