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This is a story (sad but true) about going from a HIGH and back to a LOW trying to purchase a Raptor Toy Hauler.

We have been talking to a salesperson at Lazy Days for months. We travel quite a bit and told him we would be back in the Tampa area the week of October 20th. Well, we were excited about visiting the Lazy Days store again and even decided to take our Cousin’s with us. So we went and once again looked at the Raptor 375TS (which took us over 8 months to finally decide this was the one we wanted). Later that day we called and told them we wanted it and already had financing. We gave him our credit card for a $1K deposit. So we were really excited (HIGH). Called our financial company on Tuesday and finalized everything that day. The check for the Raptor was mailed that day. We were so excited we went out and started buying stuff for the RV.

Then the stuff with Lazy Days started. One of the finance people called us on Wednesday and said they had a “computer glitch” and it seems the Raptor we put the deposit on was already sold. So that was the beginning of the LOW. So all the paper work and check that was sent to Lazy Days had to be null & void. But that’s just the beginning.

I decided (while I was waiting to hear about what they were going to do) maybe it would be good to have air bags installed while I was in Tampa even though we were going to store the RV there for a few months. After talking to one of the scheduling people at Lazy Days (which by the way, was the only one who went out of his way to make sure we got the answers we needed and never gave up until the solution was found). Well, it seems my 2104 Dodge RAM 2500 HD Diesel didn’t have enough spring capability to handle the Raptor. And if I wanted to drive the Raptor off the lot; it would have been illegal (WHAT!). The salesperson all the long knew what truck I owned. Why would he have not told me about the load capacity?? I would have had to add another 500lb to accommodate the Raptor. That was OK but no one there could tell me the cost. And then the issue about the Raptor was already sold came about.

So one of the Sales Manager called and apologized and said there was an “upgraded” Raptor just coming off the line and they were willing to give us the upgrades at “no additional cost”. Well, we went into the HIGH mode again; knowing even though everything went wrong Lazy Days was willing to FIX it. At least that was what I thought. I even called the Keystone rep and he told me “I would be nuts to turn down the upgrades as no cost”. So again, we got to the “HIGH” point. I called Lazy Days back and told them we wanted the Raptor. When would it arrive? They said it would be at their location on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

Well, we happened to be in Ft. Walton Beach and would have to drive back to Tampa (7 hours). Which we did. Arrived on Monday. Waited to hear from the sales person we were dealing with. I called him late in the morning. His response; I will call the Keystone rep to check the status for delivery. Again, I waited for a call back. Finally I called him at 3:30pm. What’s going on with this Raptor? He told me it was probably going to be a week for delivery. Then we went into our LOW!!! The sales person knew we were only going to be in Tampa till Friday of this week. And the Raptor wasn’t going to be delivered until next Tuesday or Wednesday of next week! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

So after talking to my wife; I called the sales person and told him to CANCEL my order and RETURN my deposit. Now, here’s what I think and why. I don’t think they wanted to really sell me the “new” Raptor because they were going to lose more money (they were already giving me a discount) and that’s not what they wanted to do. Since I’ve cancelled the Raptor; I have not heard from anyone at Lazy Days except for the Finance Manager. He said “Thank you again for the opportunity you gave us to work with you and I hope that we can earn your business back in the future.”

Honestly, I haven’t heard from anyone else! So this is why I think what I think. So after all this; my wife and I have decided to put the purchase on hold until the spring. We are WORN OUT by looking, looking and dealing with sales people!!! We have been to VA, SC, FL, PA and even our home state of CA trying to make this purchase. WE are worn out!! Will we give Lazy Days a second chance??? NO!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70000.

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